Finding the Right Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ Compensation is often puzzling. Choosing the appropriate lawyer is crucial. Here are some suggestions for choosing a Los Angeles workers compensation lawyer.

Find a specialized attorney or firm.

A dermatologist wouldn’t do surgery. Make sure you choose a workers’ compensation expert to manage your case. Workers’ compensation has its own set of rules. You want someone who knows the legislation, the board, and the local courts. Workers’ compensation is not an attorney’s core practice area.

Don’t overlook the paralegals and case managers.

Working on a contingency fee means you don’t pay for your attorney’s time up front. For questions or assistance filling out paperwork, you’ll usually interact with paralegals, case managers, legal assistants, and intake specialists while your attorney is at hearings or depositions. Ensure the support team is well-versed in workers’ compensation.

Someone who will treat you well.

Financial compensation is a significant component of your case, but not the most important one. Your health is precious, and your lawyer doesn’t receive 15%. To receive the best medical care, you need to locate a doctor who isn’t in the insurance company’s pocket, and someone who will fight for you when the insurance company refuses vital procedures. If your claim is refused, your lawyer should assist you in finding the right doctor.

Like a job interview

After booking your initial consultation, you may start planning. Think about what questions you want to ask and why. Remember that you will be hiring your attorney. Consider yourself the boss and approach the session like a job interview.

Typical interview questions include:

How long have you practiced?

When picking a workers’ compensation lawyer, you should inquire about their unique experience. In addition to their main profession, many attorneys dabble in workers’ compensation.

Will you represent me throughout my claim?

Many legal firms merely handle a section of a matter, not the whole thing. Some lawyers may quit a case if it cannot be settled. They get new customers exclusively via referrals. To make your workers’ compensation claim easier, locate a legal company that can handle every aspect of your case.

Do you have any references to show me?

Remember that you are the “boss” in your workers’ compensation consultation. Like most job interviews, you’ll need references. Reputable lawyers will be happy to brag about prior clients and other companies that appreciate them.

Do you also represent insurers?

Some workers’ compensation legal firms represent both plaintiffs and defendants. If they do represent both parties, be sure they can give your claim the attention it deserves.

How much do you value my case?

It’s impossible to know a case’s entire worth early on. An expert workers’ compensation lawyer can assess the situation and advise you if your claim is worth pursuing.