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Cailan said...

hi annalea,

just thinking about you, missing your posts and anxious to know how things are, praying a new road is coming into view, and trusting you will come back when a post fits in just right.

with love,

Lauren said...

Hi, Annalea:

I'm so happy to have found your blog. Thank you for all of the inspiration!


underthedreamingtree said...

Hi Annalea, my computer programme isn't compatible with the one used for posting comments on your blog, so although I so often want to comment and so appreciate your thoughts and words and humility and just plain bothering to share with us at all - well, I don't get to say so! So I thought I'd just say so now. Especially the post I just read and your thoughts on being a special needs mama. I had two kids without special needs and thought I had this motherhood thing sussed. Then along came the third, and WEYHEY: NOW I know what it's like to be stretched to the limit of my very self and then some. My brilliant Jesse, who is just six, is super bright, super high intensity, super energetic ... and super exhausting, He still has many many melt downs and I totally relate to that feeling of being judged in public. I'm sure my boy is on the autistic spectrum, albeit that he is high functioning. And it is HARD. I love when we have a good day. And when I am in the right place in my self to take a step back and just enjoy who he is. Those moments are so precious. I am with you is spirit, dear sister. xxxx love Hannah

Anonymous said...

your photos are lovely, I can't wait to read stories! question...your chalkboard, I love did you do it?

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through a mutual friend.
Your thoughts and your life are so inspiring. Joy and peace just flow of the pages. God is using your blog to touch so many hearts. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon your words.
Your life is very inspiring, not because of what you do and how you write, but because it is obvious that your strength, endurance, joy, and peace are rooted in God.
Your branches have reached further than you can even image. Thank you for writing. Thank you for listening to the Lord. Thank you for being who you were made to be.

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