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well, hello there!
my name is annalea.  i also go by annie.  but most of the time i answer to mama.

the short story. . .
i am a wretch saved by grace.  mercy is the theme of my song, the joy of my heart, and the boast of my tongue.  a midwest girl born and raised, i am embarking on an unexpected adventure in the new mexico high desert with my four most favorite people.  
i choose joy, find beauty and tell our stories on this blog.

the longer story. . .
jesse and i have been married for 13 years.  our love is in spite of weakness and hardship, not because of who we are and what we have done.  marriage is hard and so very beautiful.

we have three children here with us.  they bless our lives immensely.  firstborn luca is a creative and sensitive 8 year old boy who loves animals and legos.  miss gia, 6 year old princess superhero extraordinaire, is our comedian and sweetheart who loves to dance.  enzo, or goo-goo, is our fiesty 3 year old who loves to play ball and make noise.
parenting is also hard.  but it is also incredibly beautiful.

we have known the grief of losing a child to miscarriage in 2008 and again this past summer 2013. 

our family mission is to glorify God.  simple as that.  but a challenge that will last this lifetime.  we are creating a legacy of faith.  

i am a 15 year veteran in the world of chronic illness.  being diagnosed with fibromyalgia while in college has been my most life altering experience.  obviously hard, but unexpectedly beautiful.

we have chosen to educate our children at home.  harder than we thought.  more beautiful as well. 
notice a theme?

life is difficult.  the world is broken.  but there is Hope.  beautiful Hope.  we find beauty in that Hope and choose joy because of it.

this blog is where i tell our story. 

my desire is to create community through what is shared here.  a place to be encouraged.  a place to be accepted.  a place to be inspired.

please leave a comment below and introduce yourself.  that would be super cool.