all i want for christmas....

rubbing a feverish 9yo's arm while sipping hot tea and admiring the 7yo's backyard bouquet. (if the neighbor's roses grow through the fence, that is definitely fair game.) and the 4yo steals my breakfast. oh yeah and this wee babe in my belly makes me wan

my people
 smiling my worries away #becauseHeisgood #allthetime #andthatmakesmesmile

there is a new baby hart on the way and we couldn't be more excited.
praying i will be a woman who fears the Lord and not be anxious for the future.
celebrating each day we have with this child, come what may.

thankful :: humbled :: deliciously happy


Pamela said...

This post was written from the soul, very moving you made me cry.. in a good way! Good luck and God bless!

KateEschbach said...

WHAT?! Oh girl! I'm on my knees, praying and petitioning.

sarah e said...

oh congrats!!! what an exciting blessing to add to your sweet family

barbara said...

Beautiful news! Beautiful family! Beautiful faith! Thanks your courage.

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