why we love

why we love
why we love
why we love

"We love because He first loved us."     -1 John 4:19

:: february 2014 chalkboard art ::

the month of love, according to the world (at least in our country)
a reminder of why, directly from the truth (for all people and nations)

1 john 4 is legit and convicts me. read the whole chapter, folks. and then come back and share your thoughts. 



nicole i said...

legit indeed! xoxoxo to you!

KateEschbach said...

"There is no fear in love" - This always convicts me. beautiful. Thank you for having me reread that today.

meagan said...

love seeing you back here annalea! and beautiful chalkboard, as always! :)

cailan said...

absolutely copied you :) Even had the same wooden beads...maybe I'll try for the amazing paper flowers next year.

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