ten days of no sugar

oh hey, sandals! welcome to 2014! and you little green chucks busted a move at hip hop class.
sandal weather arrived in albuquerque and i can't say that i mind. now that we have finally bounced back from the latest round of stomach bug (the last month has just been one sickness after another), i am just ready to get on with the onset of spring. the urge to clean house and declutter shelves has come upon me.  opening windows and airing out over-wintered cooped up rooms.  and this is where i feel a bit guilty that our weather was really nothing compared to our midwest family and friends.  but not too guilty.  they can always come visit next winter, right?  (yes, that is an invitation.)

uncluttering house and inbox and to-do list before the weekend... with hopes that an uncluttered mind will follow, allowing us a true time of rest. because in that rest and with that rest, we can better address that which threatens to overwhelm. #notinmyo
speaking of house guests, things might be a tight fit if you do make it out to land of enchantment. we recently found out we will be staying in this rental much much longer than we hoped or expected.  the continued effects of unemployment and a fresh sting of disappointment.  it has been a humbling reminder to be content.

contentment in general has been a struggle lately.  my body has not quite recovered from last summer's miscarriage.  last week i hit the, "i will do whatever is necessary" point and made the snap decision to start whole30 round 2 the next day.  ten days down and going strong, folks.  killing the sugar beast was the worst part, mostly because i would like to eat all the emotions.  but i am determined to take back my health, however much i am able.  it is too soon to tell how my body will respond, but i do feel more clear headed and regaining energy.

mourning with those who mourn twice in the last four days. our prayers are with the brokenhearted. there is no promise of tomorrow. but there is Hope. #andgracewillleadmehome

there has been much broken heartedness this february.  i will remember this month and the loss felt so keenly by those we know.  my own sorrow for our baby lost - the due date approaches this weekend - has been a constant companion. it threatens to overwhelm.  and i pray to remember i can experience joy more fully knowing sorrow.

march is around the corner - as in tomorrow - and it promises big things.  a theological conference on wrestling with contentment, some big (good) changes with my classical conversations job, our oldest turning nine,  a super fantastic girls weekend, and my 35th birthday to name a few.  and countless of the unexpected too, i am sure.

see you on the flip side (of the calendar),


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