2014 class valentines

2014 class valentines

these valentines were the easiest.  and free!  and the kiddos did most of the work themselves!
(picking out the rocks was super fun, i was told.)

30 minutes to whip up about 30 homemade goodies is a-okay with me.  they were passed out to their classical conversations classmates today.  oh the sweetness of hearing enzo show me treasured "vawentimes" from his little friends.

i haven't decided how we will celebrate at home this week.  i love lovin' on my crew with a little something special. (2013 and 2012)  my best ideas usually come at the last minute, so i still have 3 days, right?

valentine inspiration from deliajude


cailan said...

Thank you for reminding me to look at your previous Valentine posts that I promised myself last year that I would use for inspiration This year. You always do such truly thoughtful celebrations. (and now I'm all caught up on comments - I always check for and read your posts on my phone and I'm terrible at doing comments on it. again, so glad you're back) xo

aimee bee said...

Cute idea! I have a few years before my little one will be able to make Valentine's, but I can't wait! :)

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