a hart felt advent 2013 (week one and a little before)

thanksgiving break started today at our casita, which means I get to brine a turkey and catch up on loads of housework. but also? I reward myself with bits of holiday crafting in between loads of laundry and vacuuming. plus the littles are submerged in a
this casita is about to smell oh so good
the lot beat out a trip to the pecos this year #ahartfeltadvent
veteran garland-maker tip: pop your corn a day or two in advance. stale popcorn is easier to string. #ahartfeltadvent
the angels at dress rehearsal #achristmascarol
and it begins #ahartfeltadvent
Christmas chalkboard almost finished #ahartfeltadvent
preparing our hearts night by night #ahartfeltadvent #jesusstorybookbible
I want this long weekend to last a little longer.
mantle almost complete #ahartfeltadvent
no corner is safe from my twinkle light obsession #ahartfeltadvent
j'adore christmas trees. and these munchkins. #twinklelightsforever
pretending she has bangs. no need to pretend she has sass. #giabeehart
It has been a long few days, but I shall soon see @loutrel outside this window and I built a fire while I wait and I am making special birthday plans for March and I may just open a bottle of wine. And twinkle lights. #ahartfeltadvent
good morning from a snowy and chilly New Mexico!
a snow falling, fire crackling, hot cocoa drinking kind of morning
"People didn't need a staircase; they needed a Rescuer." #jesusstorybookbible #ahartfeltadvent
these are a few of my favorite things #soundofmusic #ahartfeltadvent
happiest bus rider evah #hekeptsmilinglikethisateveryone
we found our friends at The Nutcracker
This was an acceptable Friday in December lunch, right? #ahartfeltadvent
old town #abq holiday stroll 2013 #newmexico #ahartfeltadvent
After enjoying some window shopping with my loves last night, we went in-store shopping this afternoon to pick up special gifts for our church Christmas Store. All of us agreed that buying for others in need was better. #ahartfeltadvent


Angela Smith said...

Love the photos and the beautiful decorations in your home!

Merci said...

that picture on the bus is sooo sweet!!!!

Kelly Halverson said...

this is maybe a really odd question but I'll ask anyway, how did you do the painting in the first picture, I mean with what kind of paint and brush?

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