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tiny backyard watermelons on a november afternoon

it seems mighty fitting that we just cut into the backyard watermelons harvested last month.  life doesn't seem to fit into the days allotted.  i need to be okay with the overflow from one season to the next.  but i also want to stop putting off for tomorrow what can be done today.  like cut the watermelon.

i don't know if the above makes complete sense.  but i do know that you might get it anyway.  right?

my business trip in cali was full and encouraging and so so quick.  then i came home to family of sickies.  thankfully it has passed and we now are back at it. 

as for today...

without being asked, the 8yo raked all of the backyard leaves and then proceeded to vacuum most of them up.  all by himself.  no help.  so cool.

without being asked, but with permission and minor supervision, the 3yo washed all of the non-glass dishes.   totally occupied for most of an hour.  those were some clean plates and flatware.  so so cool.

all of that while the 6yo became hooked on pentatonix and folded laundry.

i was kinda winning at the mama gig today.

if you don't count the littlest one throwing a huge fit at the dance studio and making me look like i don't parent well.  it is tiring to so often feel that vulnerable. and know that others probably won't get us.  i have developed so much compassion as a special needs mama.  it is truly a gift.  limited experience blinds us to the complicated and messy and there-is-no-book-for-this.

Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways.

and show me the ways i should train up my little harts amidst the complicated and messy.  and You actually have written a book for that.


KateEschbach said...

You win. Totally. Love you, friend.

mandie said...

*Pentatonix is the best
*I need to learn better about days overflowing and more what you said
*you are a great momma- I've seen it for myself. Others just see little snippets of your whole life, but you live it and I think you do a pretty darn good job of it. :)

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