last of autumn wreath

autumn wreath
before we officially plunge into christmas/winter mode, i thought i would share some details on my autumn wreath now gracing the front door.  i waited on this post, because we have been hoping our landlord will let us repaint the front door turquoise - which is so very new mexican - but no word back yet on the approval.  so can you just imagine this wreath sitting on a turquoise door?  okay, thanks.

autumn wreath
also, this is not a true tutorial.  there are so many wreath DIYs out there and this was a dipping-my-toes-back-in-the-creative-water type project.  but here are the quick details:  

one straw wreath without the plastic wrap removed
2" strips of fabric wrapped around it
lots and lots of felt roses hot glued to the bottom, as well as a few rolled wool buds
add in some orange berries i found in the stash
burlap leaves tucked here and there
and a strip of burlap to tie the wreath up on the door

without counting time to make the flowers (which i had premade a couple years ago when i was still selling on etsy), the wreath took me maybe an hour.  and that is with kiddos afoot.  plus needing to pull out and choose the materials.  it was such a breath of fresh crafty air in our full homeschooling days.  i need to remember it is okay to do that.

autumn wreath
i do like my house to feel decidedly autumnish through thanksgiving, so i have another week with this pretty thing.  but, yes, i have begun some christmas crafting in preparation for a total house swap next friday.

how about you?  is your tree already up and the christmas music a'playing?  or will you wait until next weekend?  


kristen @ Hope Abound said...

It is beautiful!! I love the little accents.

KateEschbach said...

Ok - I have the perfect idea. I have a turquoise door, so you can just send it here. See? Perfect :)

cailan said...

so pretty. wish I could come do some Christmas crafting with you - could use some inspiration and I know you are full of it :)

Danielle said...

I love all your posts! This wreath is fantastic!! You rock!!

Danielle @ Blissful & Domestic

Danielle said...

haha! I will paint my door teal if you send it may way first:)

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Alicia's Handmade Giving series!

Rachel said...

This wreath is gorgeous. I love the color of the flowers with the black and white fabric pattern, so whimsical.

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