simple pendant light diy

simple pendant diy
the need for better lighting over our piano has become more obvious with the shorter days.  practice in the evenings after dusk was not happening.  combine that with my deep desire to not spend any unnecessary money (did i mention i even cut my own hair last week?) and this simple diy was born.  it as completely free (except i need to replace the edison bulb i stole from another lamp) and was super fast.  those are my favorite kind of solutions.  especially when they produce something nice to look at.

might just be solving the piano lighting issue without spending a dime #myfavoritekindofsolution
the hemma cord from ikea was used in my old illinois studio space, but has been gathering dust since the move.  and the gold krylon paint pen was thrifted (unopened) with lots of other crafting goodies for my stash by my grandmother a while back.  all i did was paint the black plastic.  simple and fast.  three coats later and voila!  taping off the cord near the plastic would have been good, but i was able to scrub away the gold smudges.

simple pendant diy
simple pendant diy
simple pendant diy
i remember thinking the cord length was ridiculously long in the past.  but it is absolutely just right for our tall ceilings here.  i apologize, ikea, for my shortsightedness.  we screwed in two mug hooks to one of the ceiling beams and attached the included cord clips.  the cord is lightweight with just an exposed bulb and didn't need anything else for support.

simple pendant diy
simple pendant diy
simple pendant diy
the pendant also has very little visual weight, which i think pairs nicely with my grandfather's painting and jesse's guitar.  i also like having the space on top of the piano free when our teacher comes for lessons.  or when i need a place to set keys and such while getting ready to leave.  or when all other spots are covered with school books and paperwork, but i still have one more pile needing a home.

simple pendant diy
simple pendant diy
The new piano light! #loveloveloveit #itisbrighterthanitlooks
the new light has made such a difference.  like moths to a flame, the kiddos have taken to playing at night again.  (and it is much brighter than the above photo appears.  but not too bright that the shade-less bulb is annoying.  a happy medium of brightness.)

have you made up any simple and fast hacks lately?  don't keep them to yourself! share and inspire, friends.

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gracelaced said...

why are you so brilliant?! gold paint pen? I need to remember that. This is what I want over my *now* art space. And...your citrus is looking better than mine. Ms. Meyer is looking sad again. :(

meagan said...

genius! love the gold and the whole set up there by the piano...just dreamy. :)

KateEschbach said...

I approve. And seriously? Play me a song? yup.

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