remembering our babes


it has been nearly five years since we lost our third child.
oh sweet babe we never held.
such grief i had never known.
and i would have been 20 weeks pregnant this week with our fifth.
this pain is fresh still and my arms ache knowing we won't hold you here either.

the grief remains.  i don't expect it to leave.  it is part of my story.  but it does not crowd out the goodness.  it is less of a weed and more of a wildflower.  my life is not less joyful because of grief.  in fact, i experience joy more fully knowing sorrow.

candles were lit tonight in remembrance of our two babes.
and i know so many others who long for that day of reuniting.
i remember them with you.

until then, let us choose joy blooming as a wildflower in our heart-gardens, remembering our babes today and everyday.

i am joining the nester and will be blogging every single day in october! 
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KateEschbach said...

I'm so sorry

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