a wise woman once taught me that i needed to start out each day pouring out to God and pouring in of His Spirit, in order to pour forth into others.

pour out. pour in. pour forth.

it is time for me to put that into practice again.  because i have felt dried up with nothing to give.  not a good place.

pour out. pour in. pour forth.

and if i am not going to Him with my praise and confessions and thankfulness and petitions, then what?  who is getting them?

pour out. pour in. pour forth.

i am joining the nester and will be blogging every single day in october! 
full list of posts here.


Stephanie Lockwood said...

I'm in the same boat and need to do the same thing...thanks for the encouragment! Off to my special place where this should happen...

KateEschbach said...

So true. Love you.

nicole neesby said...

yes!!! it's so easy for me to just pour out pour out pour out. perfect reminder.


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