one year in new mexico

one year in new mexico

don't you think buying a cactus is a most appropriate way to commemorate our first southwestiversary?
don't you think that southwestiversary is a great made up word? (thank you katy!)
don't you think we should buy a cactus every year on july 21st?

(the answer to all of the above is yes.  if you don't agree, i am not even sure why you are reading this blog.)
(just kidding. i love you anyway.)

and it was definitely a commemoration this year as we were very much not in the mood for a celebration. just days after the confirmation of the miscarriage and i almost didn't want to leave the house.

but i did.

one year in new mexico

we went to church and heard a pretty amazing teaching on hospitality.  which was also very appropriate for the occasion.  i was mega convicted by the wisdom shared that morning. thanks God for that.

hospitality is not meant to be convenient.  this is true in regards to both money and time.  and if you are too busy to be hospitable, you are too busy.  those are my quick takeaways i wanted to share with y'all.

the post church stop to pick out a cactus proved to me that nurseries are one of my happy places.  even when i am so far from happy, they bring calm to my soul.  all of the green and life and smell of dirt.  thanks God for that.

but then we tried to stop and get food and boy was that a disaster. let's just say the other patrons of that specific establishment were glad we cancelled our order and left.  you can't win them all.
one year in new mexico

so what i expected to be a big affair turned out to be us just living life the best we can with gobs of grace.
isn't that just the way of it so often?

we made it one year in new mexico.
thanks God for that.

i am joining the nester and will be blogging every single day in october! 
full list of posts here.


Janiene said...

I have prayed for you as you go through this difficult time. Finding your voice can be a very healing way of working through grief. If you need to talk, not that you even know who I am, I am available to pray with you any time. I am one who has traveled the difficult road of miscarriage many many times. Blessings to you dear sister.

KateEschbach said...

so glad you are showing up in my feed every day. Thank you, God, for that.

Alicia Hutchinson said...

Coming up on two years in NC...October 9th. I don't know how I feel about that. :-/ but you are finding your voice. Doesn't it feel good to write it out?

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