october is too short and other tired ramblings

i look around at the display of autumn color and think, "God is just showing off." the reds are my favorite

can you believe tomorrow is the last day of the month? i am in denial. can we have another few weeks?

i fly away tomorrow morning. and return to san francisco! but this time for business. and i will miss halloween with the kiddos. but still. san francisco!

this week has been a pretty awful one when it comes to my health. major fibro flare-up and food intolerance annoyingness. 15 years later and i still struggle with acceptance.

i am posting from my phone for the very first time. kinda weird. but helpful since i am in too much pain to get my laptop that has already been packed.

lastly, we had the most amazing sunset tonight. simply stunning. these photos do not do it justice.

He was showing off again, methinks.


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