31 days to finding my voice

because i have been laid low and my voice was lost down there in the muck.  
because God has torn down the old me and is building up a new woman that i have yet to understand.
because this most humbling of years has stripped me of worldy identities and served up a truer in Christ-ness.

so i will test out the words my fingers type and the images my camera captures for the next 31 days.
and my prayer is that a voice will emerge.
because i know Hope can take root while face down in the soil of loss.
my voice will still choose joy and find beauty.
i just need to find it again.

i am joining the nester and will be blogging every single day in october! 

day 1: 31 days to finding my voice
 day 2: finding my voice in october
 day 3: one year in new mexico
day 4: hiking sandia crest with cam
day 5: san francisco with sonya (day 1)
day 6: guess who pulled into albuquerque tonight?
day 7: our trip to houston (a brunch fit for a trooper)
day 8: on feeling little
day 9: san francisco with sonya (night 1)
day 10: ten on ten (october 2013)
day 11: a fresh tomorrow
day 12: finding my voice, 12 days in
day 13: our trip to houston (and thoughts on legacy)
day 14: san francisco with sonya (day 2 and night 2)
day 15: remembering our babes
day 16: how we spend a warm autumn afternoon
day 17: yes, a beautiful room makes a difference
day 18: instafriday
day 19: pouring
day 20: 2013 (home)school pictures
day 21: stick a fork in me
day 22: san francisco with sonya (day 3)
day 23: fifteen years of us
day 24: simple pendant light diy
day 25: instafriday
day 26: where we live
day 27: san francisco with sonya (night 3)
day 28: there was a little boy
day 29: ask away, friends
day 30: october is too short and other tired ramblings
day 31: greetings from san francisco


KateEschbach said...

Honestly looking forward to seeing you. Hugs.

Andi said...

Oh, friend! I seriously can relate to every.single.word that you wrote. I
feel like somewhere is the mess and the crazy of the past couple of
years I have totally lost my voice too. So excited to hear from you and
your beautiful heart this month and I am hoping that your courage to
share gives me courage to too!

Love you!


Aimee said...

Beautiful. Listening.

mandie said...

SO happy and excited to read this...

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