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fourth of july 2013

happy independence day to my fellow americans!
this long weekend has been about making new memories to fight off homesickness and getting more settled in claiming this rental as our home.

i was feeling blue going into this holiday as the 4th of july was the last major celebration in summer 2012 before moving from illinois. but we surrounded ourselves with friends and festivities.  a parade and a bbq.  fireworks and a thunderstorm.  it was a full and good day indeed.

  we are also working on turning the garage into a therapy room for the boys and getting other odds and ends done around the house.  i can not lie.  it has been nice not having projects and repairs as renters.  but as we look to staying in this place for several more years, i am learning to give myself permission to make it more and more our own.

and investing in my physical space, helps my heart get right.  it is okay to decorate the mantel or turn the chalkboard into seasonal art.  it is okay to change out the bathroom towel holders and add curtain rods.  these small things, they are part of the gift i've been given to provide for my family.  and while not my top priority as a wife and mama, i truly believe that they make a difference.


fourth of july 2013


danielle said...

I love the simple fun decor!

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