welcome to new mexico, uncle cameron

cutest airport greeters ever
my little brother came for a visit.  a six week long visit.  i know!
he had the cutest little airport greeters known to man.

chalkboard art for @cameron_jimmo #wearealittlehappy
movie siesta
movie siesta
going over the basics #unclecameronishere #noskateboardinginthehouse
chilly or chillin'? #both
the tiniest
they can't get enough of him this pretty much sums up the last few days #unclecameronishere

and this was just the first 24 hours.
they pretty much couldn't get enough of him.

we kinda went nuts and packed in a year's worth of local adventures while he was here.
just wait until i show you!


KateEschbach said...

OK... super awesome. can't wait to see more!

Marty said...

Six weeks...that a long visit...and not nearly long enough form the looks of him and the kiddos :-)

annaleahart said...

not nearly long enough indeed!

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