i miss blogging

we love this fun wall! #route66 #albuquerque #newmexico
here's to hoping i can hang out here a bit more.
(here as in the blog.  but the route 66 diner pictured above is pretty cool too.)
because, after six years, blogging is a hard habit to break.
the last two months have been crazy full and i am eager to finally sort through the photos documenting it all.

messy life

but i am also a little hesitant.
in this walk as mama to a sweet boy with aspergers and severe anxiety, i tend to shy away from sharing the super messy. mostly for his privacy, but also because my heart is usually unsettled.

i haven't fully embraced this role. 
my expectations and hopes for our life haven't fully realigned with this reality. 

i get angry. a lot.
i am sad. most of the time. 

but i love him fiercely and pray for God to give me supernatural peace and comfort.
today and tomorrow and the next day.

here's to finding the a balance.
(which might mean photo-only-posts when i can't find the words at the end of a day.)
 (and i think that is just fine.  heather told me so.)
so friends, what have you been up to lately?



KateEschbach said...

OH, I have missed you. sounds like you should come out here again - it would be fun, doncha think? :)

hannah said...

sweet mama.
i am in much the same place.
wrestling to accept and live in this new world.
every single day, it's a choice to flail against it or fly to jesus.
the lord is blessing me and lifting me up in so many unexpected ways through autism.
praying blessings for you. for encouragement, for strength and perseverance and JOY. so glad you reached out here! i have been feeling very isolated and pretty lonely in this the last several days. we are not alone.
grateful for you, annalea. xoxo

Laura Kyle said...

I understand. I hope you find rest for your soul, whether it's in blogging or reading or photography or just watching your babies sleep. There are such difficult seasons in life. *hugs* And photo heavy posts are fine with me. Sometimes there are just no words to share.

Jenny said...

Completely understand. I have not posted on my blog in quite a while either. Real life comes first and sometimes there is just not time or words. No worries on this blog..I have missed your posts for sure, but I understand as well I am sure most people and bloggers do. :)
I pray that you find rest and peace in Him.

Heather Hamilton said...

Your beautiful photos speak such lovely words, friend. I say let them do the talking! Love you!!!

Brook said...

glad you are back.

Barbara said...

I have looked for you and am glad to hear your words. I know how hard it can be. I would so like to end a day feeling like I have done well. I have a boy I love fiercely too... Hope you will stay here as much as you can.

Amy @Lucky Number13 said...

photo-only posts are just fine. XO

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