ten on ten (april 2013)

ten on ten (april 2013)
ten on ten (april 2013)
ten on ten (april 2013)
ten on ten (april 2013)
ten on ten (april 2013)
ten on ten (april 2013)
ten on ten (april 2013)
ten on ten (april 2013)
ten on ten (april 2013)
ten on ten (april 2013)

1. early morning discussion about stuffed animal doctoring while enzo eats half of my banana
2. mama drawings on the art wall help the day get going
3. half of my second banana and the best hat hair ever.
4. radish sprouts on a cloudy day
5.she's detectiving for enzo's blankie. . . with a cracked magnifying glass.
6.my spot the last two days during a mega fibromyalgia flare-up
7. popcorn a poppin'
8. piano lessons in progress and i sneak photos from my spot
9. looking up
10.sacrificing herself to the lava to save a brother, of course

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cuppakim said...

beautiful set.
so much energy and cheer up in here.

and ohhh, that fireplace.

kate o. said...

i love the photos. and i love the lace in the embroidery hoops. i just inherited a bunch of my grandma's old doilies and popped them into the hoops. i love cheap art!

angel gerardo said...

Beautiful photos. I especially love the sneaky piano lesson shot...oh and the action shot at the end- so awesome! Adorable family. Looks like a great day.

Brook said...

Annalea - I love your blog (I found it a few weeks ago through Grace Laced). Thanks for introducing me to this project. I plan on joining in next month. I included one of your photos and a link back to your post on my blog, Mama Bee No E.


Take care.

Mel @ The Larson Lingo said...

Love, love, love your set! The last one is awesome :)

Beth Ridings said...

:) these are so happy and full of life!!!!

i am your newest follower and so excited to be here!

Wendy Brunner said...

I just came over for the first time from GraceLaced. So glad I did. We'd be friends if we lived near one another. Real chums. I'll look forward to hearing from you more as you continue to settle into your life in NM. Stop by my place at
I'm not one to promote my site, but I'd love you to see what buddies we'd be.
If not now than in Glory! Wen

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