our first new mexico easter

He is risen!
happy easter from casita de hart!

i didn't feel particularly intentional about celebrating resurrection sunday this year.  a large part of it was due to the busy-ness of march.  but we are also still struggling with the newness of being here and not there, which creates an in between state of mind.  yes, these baby new mexican roots threaten to pull from the sandy soil. 

easter sweet harts

behind these smiles were some tender hearts.  at least for my older babes.  ongoing conversations about past years and missed family and our old church.

trying to get the shot

but they are still goofball kiddos.  and trying to get the right pic can be fun.  as long as i remember not to take it too seriously.  the first shot was fine, but didn't show as much true personality as i would like.  so we kept going.  enzo was our comic relief as usual.  but look at the smiles.  much more real.  below is the end result grabbed with my phone.  i love it. 

He is risen!
the harts
and yay!  a lovely family photo!  thank you camera timer.

Easter twinsies with @gracelaced #latergram
our church had a fantastic service. the worship felt so celebratory!  i was so thankful for that time with new family.

and my dear friend and i showed up in coordinating flowy dresses.  easter twinsies for the win.

easter cakes
every year i make these cakes.  a lemon meringue and a chocolate nest both via nigella lawson.  yummy indulgences that are better shared with others.

the ochoas
new friends invited us to spend easter with them since we are both without local extended family.  not only did it ease some loneliness, but we are making new memories with new traditions.  plus you know you are with the right people when you are asked if you had a good cry about being away from the known and missed. 

quiche, pancakes, and mimosas made for an excellent brinner.  and then cake!  full hearts and full bellies by the end of the night.

time for cake
time for more cake
can you guess which 3yo stuck his finger in that cream?

sweet friends
dear friends first #newmexico Easter dinner with @megandmemo #fullheart #foodcoma
let them eat cake
and so ended our first new mexico easter.
a celebration of the victory of the risen King.
bittersweet, but mostly sweet.
so shines the Son


Kate Thompson Eschbach said...

Oh, I soooo relate! We are now on our 4th Easter here and our friends always invite us over - 3 families with family back in Texas, North Carolina and Illinois. We have a great time, share family recipes and lament that they didn't quite come on as good as moms. :)

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