valentine's day 2013

valentine's day 2013
valentine's day 2013
valentine's day 2013
valentine's day 2013
valentine's day 2013
valentine's day 2013

it is such a treat to make days like these special.  one of the highlights of being a mama, in my opinion.  and no, i don't have uber amounts of free time on hand.  we picked up the potted plants (because goodness, my kiddos do not need any more toys) and some sweets the night before.  i spent a few minutes making the name picks for the plants and pulled out the paper heart bunting and mailboxes from years past.  my favorite heirloom tablecloth was laid out on the table.  wrapped books and cards from grandparents rounded out the spread.  maybe a half hour of work that brought great delight to these faces.

and i was quite pleased with my flowering succulent valentine.  good choice, jesse.

valentine's day 2013

we made a quick target run to pick up a gift for papi.  and then we splurged on icees after shopping.

ready for my honey to come home #with10minutestospare  #procrastiwhat? #happyholigram #theyearwemoved
see how I themed it?

which turned out to be some new kicks.  see what i did there using that verse?  i also thought it quite fitting considering the year we have had.

every day is one to love on those we have been given the privelege of sharing life.
but i won't say no to extra chocolate and other sweet surprises on february 14th. 

valentine's day 2013


Peggy Witter said...

I absolutely love what you did! And you know what? I love how you are making your house a home... not just any home but that home that speaks of you and your love for your family! As a child we moved ever 18 months to 3 years... all rentals or military housing. And you know what? My mom did the very same thing! Each place was special because my mom had the ability to turn it into a home... a refuge made special with her loving touches. So good for you! You are doing a wonderful job of being mom!

nicole i said...

love the idea of giving kids plants. genius i tell you. genius.

Heather Hamilton said...

i love your photos. they tell such a sweet story. i also love that verse. I've had a card half designed with it for ions. i need to change that. xoxo

Lucky Number13 said...

what a sweet way to celebrate your loved ones. and i'm with you, quick & simple is so good.

cailan said...

I'm so glad you posted this - it's so lovely. I'm going to pin it and use it to motivate year :)

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