papi's girl

papi's girl


papi's girl

our sweet gia is just loving all things papi these days.  i remember being completely smitten with my daddy as a little girl and this bit of her childhood makes me nostalgic.  oh to be convinced that there is nobody more special!  (she even wears a picture of him in that locket.)

jesse has been taking the kiddos on weekend dates lately and this papi's girl picked out an extra special outfit for her turn.  this thrift store jumper only set me back $2!  she adores it.  just the thing to wear when your best guy takes you to the botanical gardens and a donut shop.


i didn't mean to be absent so long from here.  thanks for the sweet messages and emails checking in.  i was so so sick (with a nasty case of bronchitis) and have been a busy busy bee with my new job.  here's to feeling healthy and catching up!


Mandie said...

she is just darling. :)

aimee bee said...

congrats on the new job! :)

cailan said...

So crazy adorable and love the Saturdays out with Dad idea. Admire you for diving into the homeschool community with that new job.

kelli said...

i LOVE her hat! is it thrifted?

Kate Thompson Eschbach said...

She is so beautiful! Looks just like her mamma.

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