making ourselves at home

making ourselves at home
making ourselves at home
making ourselves at home
making ourselves at home
". . . some kind of spot in the world is the place we each call 'home', no matter how temporary that place might be. . . Here, wherever it is, is your spot.  This place should be expressing something of yourself.  It should be communicating something of you to your visitors, but it also should satisfy something within you.  You should feel 'at home' here, because you have made it home with something of yourself."


cailan said...

Oh, I love Edith Schaeffer. What a great quote, and I love these peaks at a very Annalea "spot".

Marty said...

The first time I read that book I didn't understand half of it...the ideas and concept were so new to me. But I loved what I did understand and it was the first thing that really transformed how I view homemaking.

jenny said...

love the personal touches in your home. I love seeing people's homes because it says so much about them. A good home doesn't have to consist of expensive things and super clean floors. It is a place where you love, grow, live life, and welcome others in. It's about the heart-like everything is. :)

Kate Thompson Eschbach said...

I love your walls. I would like to just sit criss cross applesauce on the floor and stare at them. :)

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