it's my birthday

 Wondering how 8 years have passed since I gave birth to our oldest babe. But the visible grey streaks along my temple are good reminders. And thanks to the birthday boy for pointing out how noticeable they were today. #lucaturns8 #aspergers #stpatricksday
hello loves.

i am exhausted and my pillow is calling all sirenesque for my head.  but i've been missing y'all and it is my birthday and i want to say hello.  so i am.

so 34 is here and i have noticeably gray hair (which i actually adore) and we live in new mexico.  so there's that.  this year has been a doozy.

"God will take you where you haven't intended to go, in order to produce in you what you couldn't achieve on your own."

we had the privilege of hearing paul tripp and timothy lane speak earlier this month at a conference.  pretty fantastic it was.  and mr. tripp spoke those words and woke me up.  i have been a bit of a cranky toddler lately.  i just don't wanna and such, when it comes to living here and missing our old life.  so i am keeping his words in mind and trying to give thanks for the fruit to come. 

Why yes I did pour myself a 4 o'clock margarita after a long, good day of directing our homeschool group. #happybirthdaytome
this is my after homeschool group 4 o'clock margarita that joined me on the couch after a long, good, work-filled day.  it was oh so wonderfully left over from an oh so lovely baby shower i co-hosted last night for an oh so amazing friend.  also, these cactus glasses were a wedding shower gift 13 years ago and they kind of fabulously work here in the southwest, don't ya think?

Why yes I did ask for citrus trees. Meet my lemon beauty. She smells wonderful.  #happybirthdaytome
and i asked for trees for my birthday.  meet my meyer lemon beauty.  the house has an intoxicating jasmine-like scent due to her blooms.  who knew emon trees smelled like that?  i also am proud owner to a mexican lime tree.  a doubly happy gift.

sparkling lemonade and red velvet cupcakes with my loves #happybirthdaytome
and we sipped sparkling lemonade and ate red velvet cupcakes tonight.  so thankful for new friends who made it that much easier (and sweeter) to celebrate by providing the goodies.

here is to a new year in a year already full of so much new.  
i don't really feel like being any more contemplative than that.
thanks for understanding.



mandie said...

Happiest of birthdays lady!

Heather Hamilton said...

happy birthday sweet lady! i'm so glad you got to sip something saucy from one of your sassy cactus margarita glasses. you are so loved!

Kate Thompson Eschbach said...

Happy birthday beautiful! Oh those words! When I was transplanted to the desert, I had many, many toddler days. Hugs!

nicole i said...

Much joy and happiness to you.

Peggy Witter said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Annalea! Do you know what I was doing last night... way too, too late into the night? I was reading back posts... ones that I've read in the past, ones that spoke to me, the same ones that spoke to me again during the night but differently. You are such a blessing! and I am so thankful you are making new friends who are a blessing to you as well!

Mary_Krause said...

happy birthday, sweetie!

rachel said...

i just happened upon your sweet blog via jerusalem's blog...and i adore it. :) happy birthday!

cailan said...

Happy Post Birthday! You look so lovely and in keeping with your wonderful festive home. I can't believe how lovely you've made it in such a short time - and the tree is darling.

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