twas the night before christmas 2012

christmas eve 2012
christmas eve 2012
christmas eve 2012
christmas eve 2012
christmas eve 2012
christmas eve 2012
christmas eve 2012

a peace settled over this casita late on christmas eve and i just wanted to soak it in before bed. my heart felt fully here.

there is power in the making of new memories. each one sends down a root, even if you're still struggling with commitment.
the i-don't-wanna-do-this is quieted.

there was that thrill of Hope. my weary heart rejoiced. this soul sang with thankfulness.

i miss the glow of advent candles and twinkle of tree lights.
 so let me close my eyes and be comforted by these new roots.


Marty Hadding said...

You had such a beautiful tree...I would miss those lights too.

Sandra Kohlmann said...

This is the second Christmas post I've read in the last week, and both of them made me miss the peace, joy, and anticipation of Advent and Christmas. Living in Wisconsin, our lives are now full of the irritable anticipation of waiting out Winter and longing for Spring. This post was a lovely reminder of our wonderful Christmas season. So glad to read that Christmas brought you peace and rejoicing, even in a new, less than ideal location.

Mary_Krause said...

so beautiful, annalea.

Heather Hamilton said...

sooo lovely. these pics speak volumes.

Kate Thompson Eschbach said...

Oh that tree is so glowing. Beautiful!

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