the practice of patience

a typical morning

here's the truth. we accomplished more homeschooling in the first month of 2013, than the previous 4 months combined. it had little to do with new year vigor. instead i attribute this january success to being further removed from the chaos of moving cross country with short notice. we were a bit out of our minds last fall. not that we are quite steady yet, but much closer to sanity for sure.

it is not unusual to find me in pjs on the couch earnestly praying for patience while coaching luca through reading and writing. he is such a bright kid. he knows his stuff and then some. but we have much anxiety to work through that 30 minute lessons drag on for hours. this is no joke. our commitment to homeschooling has been regularly challenged, but the calling remains the same.

i often hear mamas tell me that they do not have the patience for homeschooling. more than any other reason, this is what i am told in a "why i can't/don't/won't homeschool" discussion. seriously folks, i am not a patient person. ask my husband, my parents, my good friends. it is not natural for me. at all. and guess what? God has given me ample opportunities to refine this shortcoming through homeschooling. 

thank you, Father, for the daily practice of patience.


LyndsD said...

Amen... Amen... a thousand times over AMEN!!!! I can completely relate to all over this! Congrats and hold strong momma. God called you to this journey... he will equip you. Words he keeps repeating to me too! I too am the least patient person I know. (((HUGS))) from one understanding homeschooling momma to another. God Bless!

Amy said...

How beautiful. This reminds me of something my mom used to always tell me before I had kids (which is now being affirmed to me more than ever!) And that is this: Children are a tool God uses to make His children more like Him. :) :) Good for you for allowing the Lord to mold you through the challenging moments. You are such an encouragement, Annalea!!

Janiene Bishop said...

yes, amen and amen. me too...

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