returning to my roots

reality of an #aspergers mama? an afternoon of chaos because I came home with new glasses. #hewillgetusedtothem
yesterday's stitch-therapy #nowineedanewproject
post-flu recovery means all three kiddos are snuggled in beds #thehouseistooquiet
loving her fully finished space #roomtoursoon
ladies night with @life_made_lovely and @songskatesang #lovethem #inpersonhugsarewonderful
end of day cup o' comfort 

hello blog.

can we get reacquainted this month?
i think i'd like to come back. not for pins or stats, but because i began this project five and a half years ago as a personal documentation of life as annalea.  in my own words...

my hope is that our family and friends will be able to experience life with us. i want you all to hear the funny stories, to see the sweet smiles, and to laugh at my frequent failures. i also love the opportunity to reflect on being a mama. i don't want this time in my life to fly by without taking a moment to pause. i won't get it all, but one day in the future i want to look back at this record of my life and remember that between the diaper changes, feedings, and temper tantrums, my children were shaping me just as much as we were praying to shape them.

the focus has shifted to be less mama-focused. that is okay. those early parenting years can be all consuming. but my life is not only about being their mama and blogging helped me see that more clearly. i latched onto the tag line: joy choosing, beauty finding, story telling. oh does that so perfectly describe my heart.

but it was that perceived pressure to grow an audience, write on a schedule, and all that jazz that weighed me down. i'd like to return to my roots and blog just because. more of a journal and less of a professional platform. there are some fantastic blogs out there that handle that just fine. i read them. i love them. but i don't want to be one. that is not where i need to be right now.

so where am i?
as pictured above. . .
i am learning how to parent an autistic son. it is full of joy and heartache. and it often requires laughter at unexpected challenges.
i am turning to craft-therapy when life is overwhelming. i am thankful for the gift of creativity from the Creator.
i am dealing with month long illness, passing from one of us to the next. right now, i am curled up on the couch with flu-ishness. yuck.
i am working on making this new-to-us rental house a home. gia's sweet space is complete and it makes me smile.  
i am taking on a new job that required me to fly away for training last week. a sweet benefit was meeting in person lovely blog friends, heather and kate. our nearly 6 hour conversation helped me find my voice again. love you ladies!
i am sipping lots of cups o' comfort.  ginger-honey-lemon is my current fave to help the sore throat and a heavy heart.  my prayer is He would be made greater in all of our struggles.

for those of you have stuck out the past nine months with me, thank you.


Lora said...

i'm always blessed by your blog, annalea! thanks for sharing your heart and your life so beautifully and honestly.

nicole i said...

love seeing your lovely face and hearing your lovely words. blessing to you my friend. heaps of blessings.
oh and feel better soon.

Tammia Prottsman said...

I always appreciate your open honesty. And I love your blog. Thanks for continuing (on your own terms)...I resonate with many things you share.

gracelaced said...

Yes, and amen. Because there is a time for everything. And it's always the right time to be who God made you to be, in your own voice, for your true Audience. Love your heart, friend.

Erin Adams said...

It's good to see you again, Annalea! I love your grace and wisdom.

Deanne Puricelli said...

You are so honest in your blog. I love that. I can't wait to see your new post in 2013

Heather Hamilton said...

SO happy to see your words here again! i love that you called your blog a project of personal documentation on being YOU. amen to that. also, i could have talked for another 6 hours. love you friend! xo

Mary_Krause said...

i am so glad that you will be back. :)
i have enjoyed following your journey so much, and i would love to be better at documenting on my blog, too.
you are an endless source of inspiration, annalea!

Peggy Witter said...

Hey there! It is so good to know that you are back. You have been missed! and miss gia's room is simply lovely! you, my dear, are an inspiration! truly.... you have no idea how much you have been a blessing in the past!

Marty Hadding said...

I started my first blog when my last child was an infant for all the same reasons you mentioned. And then last year after almost 6 years I just stopped. I was the same person but different if that makes any sense and then finally in August I started over with a new kids still show up on it and not a lot changed but it seems to reflect more where I am now. Plus the break was good too. I also have a son with autism and oh, boy what a ride! Not much has prepared us for autism and puberty ;-) I'm a recent follower of yours and really enjoy your blog so I'm glad you're back!

Jerusalem Greer said...

It is always a good idea to take stock and "reboot" the blog a bit. I do it too from time to time. So glad you have found a way to come back that feels good. I love you just as you are-do with this space what you will!!

Gretchen said...

Glad you're back. Here's hoping that blogging can be a way of sharing your life instead of a constant pressure to do things a certain way. I completely understand that pressure which is why I have an on again off again relationship with my blog.

Kate Thompson Eschbach said...

Let's do it again soon! Love seeing your beautiful, beautiful face! Your heart makes me so very happy.

Cara said...

I originally found you through Beautifully Rooted, and I'm so glad you're back!

jenny said...

So glad that you are back. I just love your blog, your heart, your honesty and your super cute style. :)

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