how to make dried orangeaments

dried orangeaments

i am smitten with the stained glass effect of our dried orange slice ornaments (aka orangements).  this is the first year i have attempted this project and the results did not disappoint.  i am continually drawn to natural christmas decorations and love finding new ways to bring handmade beauty into our home.

dried orangeaments
slice your oranges thinly and arrange on a baking sheet.  bake a few hours in a low temp oven (150-200 degrees), turning occasionally.  our first batch burned when left in too long.  it is a learning experience, right?

on a side note, i took the unbaked round ends of each orange and have been simmering them with cinnamon sticks and cloves.  this casita smells delicious!

dried orangeaments
dried orangeaments
dried orangeaments
it is pretty simple to add the string.  after cutting 5-6 inches of thread, i poked it through the dried fruit, under the hardened peel, and then back a few millimeters over.  a couple of knots later and voila!

i would like to make some with twine and perhaps some ornate ribbons too.  but this year i am keeping things visually calm to counterbalance the craziness of these past 6 months.

dried orangeaments
the subtle orange aroma + the gorgeous orange among the greens = a happy orange-loving me
i have yet to finish hanging them all over the tree - stay tuned for that photo update soon.
dried orangeaments
but i also like the idea of stringing some together for a mini orangeament garland.  they look particularly pretty hung in a window with that winter light streaming through.

tell me, what natural winter decor do you like to incorporate at home?  
this last week, i have also been working on assembling simple green wreaths from tree cuttings and cranberry-popcorn garlands.  last year we made cinnamon-applesauce dough ornaments (which i can't find since the move!).  any new ideas for the harts to try?  or anything you want me to share with y'all?

dried orangeaments


Mandipidy said...

Just gorgeous. I'm totally doing this. Thanks for sharing!

Peggy Witter said...

Oh how pretty!

Dawn Paoletta said...

Love this idea!

Christine Collins said...

ooooooo... those are really beautiful in that window! I may try this with the kiddos once things slow down a bit. ;) thanks for sharing!!

jen said...

I so wanted to make these this year, so beautiful!

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