there and back

how groovy are @loutrel 's mami and papi? #lovemysecondparents

reminding myself I don't need to eat the chocolate chip pancakes or raspberry coffee cake. #whole30 #day41

stylin' 3yo #roadtripmess #enzogram #albuquerquebound

wind turbines at sunset #sopretty #albuquerquebound


home again, home again, vacation is done.

get ready for a deluge of photos from our visit in houston.
and a few other special treats this week.
i think my brain reset while away.  in a good way.

and now that the tree is up, i am feeling all sorts of christmas cheer.
smiling is my favorite.


p.s. will you join me in prayer and thought for a friend and his loved ones?  they are reeling from the sudden loss of a young woman.  my heart is so heavy for this family.  may they find comfort in their sadness.


gracelaced said...

I'm so glad you had a safe trip to and back. Can't wait to see more pics. I was loving the ones of Jesse's fam and all the fun times you guys had together this past week.

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