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pumpkin patch pose #familybandalbumcover
it's november!
i tend to be a bit sad when october ends.  these last months of the year go so fast.

my plan for the day is to shake the funk that has descended on my attitude over the last few days.
(i reread this post by my dear and wise friend for some needed truth.)
it is a struggle not to compare my life to others.  maybe my biggest struggle.
but i don't want to believe the lie that there is something better out there i could/should be doing.
i want to be here living out my roles with joy and peace.

on a side note, doesn't that above photo look like an album cover for some hip family band.
jesse and the rippers?  yes, i just made a full house reference.

the patch was picked over #latergram
here's another thing i have been thinking through
another struggle i'll come clean about.
i feel so uncool.  doesn't that sound very middle school of me?  but there is something about these beautiful, artsy, hip, and oh so lovely bloggers that make me feel inadequate.  let me say - it is not about these ladies - only my personal insecurities - that are the issue.

the only one i need to bring glory to is Him.
this i need to remember. 

corn maze #latergram #wemadeitout
we made it out of the corn maze even with these three in the lead.
maybe because after the confused-we're-lost-moments halfway through, the adults took over.

braid crown
her first braid crown.  i am actually really good at styling hair, which may sound fun considering how much gia has. but considering her coarse and curly texture, we tend to avoid anything complicated.  for her poor scalp and my poor sanity.  sometimes though, we take a chance.  and lots of detangler.

methinks there are never enough green chiles.

designed by the little sweet-harts
and the post pumpkin carving cry
carved on tuesday night and designed by the little harts.
and that post pumpkin carving cry is just real life.

our little lion #sugarcoma
oh my sweet-tiny big lion in his late night sugar coma.

i have some weighty, serious thoughts i'd like to put to words soon.
yesterday was our one year anniversary of luca's autism diagnosis.
when they stop swirling around in my head, i will be ready to give them a voice.
or maybe i shouldn't wait.  
because i have been kinda waiting for them to stop swirling for 12 months.
hmmmm. . .

well. . . happy friday, dear ones.

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Sandra Kohlmann said...

Let me count the ways that my own insecurities are manifest in the form of feeling inadequate and uncool, when I compare myself to other bloggers. I pray always to remember the gifts God gave me, rather than comparing to the gifts He gave others. But seriously, these SAHM mom bloggers who always have on cute outfits, a face of makeup, doing their beautiful crafts, and so on. I know I only see what they put out there for me to see, but it's still hard not to compare.

Marty said...

I think the struggle with comparing ourselves is felt by everyone who has ever blogged. I think it may be harder for women because we tend to do it in real life as well. Would you be amused to learn that I have probably felt the same way after visiting and reading your blog? Tis true that I have :-) Then I realize that how boring and unhelpful life would be if we were all the same...we need the perspective and wisdom we collectively have been given by the One who knows us each so well.

Marty said...

Oh, and I would totally buy an album of some hip family band if that were the cover :-)

stephanie said...

How interesting it is...every time I read your blog I am lifted up but also feel so incredibly not creative and boring. I look to you and think you have it sooooo together and I love your honesty which makes me feel like you have it even more together and I compare myself to you and think you just really have it all. And the creative part you are about 1million times more than me. So wow to read you struglle with comparing as well. We must all as women. Thanks for this post, and know that I think you're an amazing mom, blogger, artist, teacher, wife, homemaker (meaning how you decorate your house) and just about everything else out there!

nicole i said...

love the album cover look.
i needed that gracelaced reminder...thank you.
as for feeling middleschool...you are not alone. you are wonderfully creative and talented and you are made in His image...this day and forevermore. Also you are a young mama with young babes...embrace this blessing.
love to you and your littles.
you always make my day.

Deanne Puricelli said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I needed to hear this. I will be praying for you as you work through them and break through just as God has planned! You have been able to rejoice already with so many accomplishments. :)

Fairlight Kloxin said...

Don't be too hard on yourself, Annalea. You are a great source of inspiration and probably a little bit of envy yourself. I never feel hip, beautiful, artsy, or lovely either, but I do hope that my children and husband feel loved and well taken care of. Thank you for being real and honest. And Gia's braided crown is amazing. And your family photo is totally album worthy! :)

Naomi said...

Oh My, Oh My, Oh My .... I have been such a lurker here, but today, I just had to show my face and say that reading your beautiful blog is so revealing of your heart and that is so refreshing - don't do the comparison thing and rob yourself of joy. Here, this place, is a special place.

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