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Psalm 116:7 #dailyreminder
hello dearies.
i am writing to you from my in-law's couch and i am feeling just swell.
for the next week, i plan on soaking in the rest of a bountiful life.

 a bit of my instagram feed from the last two weeks. . .

bedside view
a bedside view to cheer me up.

these last few weeks have been a struggle.  the weight of the last six months has been pulling me down to such a state of discouragement.  i have been too focused on counting each loss, rather than recognizing all that has been given.  why do i forget?  i must remember that grief and joy can walk side by side.

the three little explorers
i love our sabbath adventures.  a time reserved for slowing down and just being. 

taking a walk before church along the rio grande on a gorgeous fall morning was just as close to perfect as it gets.

sunday sabbath walk along the rio grande before church #thankyoufallback #albuquerque

they miss grandpa's weekend donut drop off #sundaysabbathdrive #sickday

a bit too cold for this adventure walk, let's get back in the van #sundaysabbathdrive #nofilter #newmexico
when did my not yet 6yo daughter decide to look so grown up???
not cool.

another sabbath adventure. . . a short hike on a very cold sunday afternoon.
it really does get cold in new mexico!

windy, cold, beautiful #sundaysabbathdrive

traded in my nearly 4yr old phone of average intelligence for this beauty. #firstiPhone #nomorehijacking @loutrel's #instagramalldaylong
we finally traded in my nearly 4yr old phone of average intelligence for this beauty. 

Wish I could just sit here and listen to her stories all day.

I love my husband
my husband is awesome.  and hilarious.

gave them a nice long drink before our trip #houstontomorrow

later start than expected b/c someone broke the garbage disposal last night at 10pm #okayitwasme #houstonbound
a later start than expected for our 15 hour roadtrip because someone broke the garbage disposal at 10pm the night before.  yes, it was me.  i have learned my lesson!

a close encounter

getting some wiggles out #houstonbound

greetings #houstonbound #latergram #noserviceinthepecos
now we are being spoiled by loved ones, reuniting with far away family, gearing up for a special wedding, excited to celebrate the enzo-boy's third birthday, and planning on a feast of yummy food while giving thanks for all.

i will practice the counting of gifts.
because counting losses is a guaranteed route to misery.
choose joy with me, friends.

happy boy #houstonnow
yes, it will be a good week.


Marty said...

Our local bakery makes fonuts...and they really are freakin awesome :-)

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