halloween 2012

halloween 2012
halloween 2012
halloween 2012
halloween 2012
halloween 2012
halloween 2012
halloween 2012
halloween 2012
halloween 2012
halloween 2012

let me introduce you to the flower fairy, darth vader, and the tiny-big lion (aka aslan).  they stopped by for a visit yesterday evening and graced me with a brief photoshoot.  until the fighting over the light saber began.  then they took off for a busy night of trick or treating.  but they let us tag along.

i spent time late last night looking back at past halloween fun - 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007.  so much has changed over the years.  writing this blog helps me remember that.  here is what i want to record about this year:

store-bought costumes are sometimes best.

we missed our old neighborhood and illinois friends like crazy.  luca considered staying home since he couldn't be with his old buddies, since they helped him feel safe.

we are making new memories with new friends.  that is good.

happy mail morning!  new lego sets for all three littles from far-away grandparents made the day so nice.  until enzo tried to steal all of the mini-figs.  the boy has an addiction.

in the future, dress enzo the same as luca!  that way he won't try to steal the light saber and grab the mask.

but his tiny-big roars were adorable.

also, i must get on video enzo's description of trick or treating.  even more adorable.

not bringing the stroller was a mistake.

not bringing water bottles was a mistake.

luca was so brave!  he kept letting me know that he was only a little scared.  and then he calmly stayed back at the one house that was too much for him.  oh this is success!

for the first time in 33 years, i did not consume a single piece of candy on halloween.  go whole30!

although i didn't get a single photo to remember it by, jesse and i made a very dashing couple dressed as "new mexicans". 

gia is just the prettiest flower fairy i ever did see.

we live in a gated neighborhood and our kids are the ONLY kids.  this nixed any plans of trick or treating on these streets.  but the sweet lady across from us had a whole bowl of candy so our littles could come say hello.  it made my night.

hope you enjoyed your evening, friends, regardless of how you spent it.
and the flower fairy, darth, and the tiny-big lion

halloween 2012


Mary Ann said...

So cute, those kiddos of yours are pretty great. My boys were Obi-wan and Anakin...again. :) They should get together with Darth soon.

mandie said...

So cute!!! I should have had you guys come trick or treat at our house! Oops....

nicole i said...


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