how to make a chile pepper garland

chile pepper garland DIY
happy october!  it is easily my favorite month of the year.
let's celebrate with an easy and festive DIY.

my fall mantle garland collection is now complete.  sewn paper hearts to declare my affection for this gorgeous time of year.  creamy finger knit goodness to celebrate the return of scarves and sweaters.  and now a pop of fun color with this string of chile peppers.

chile pepper garland DIY
materials used:
dried chile peppers
nylon bead string

i found my peppers bagged in the produce section of the local grocery store.  these are not new mexico specific, as i have purchased them for craftiness in the past while living in the midwest.  (basically, they are not hard to find.)  but i couldn't help but be inspired by the beautiful ristras hanging everywhere here.  this is me embracing our new home.

the bead string was left over from a project long ago and it works well because it is slippery.  other types of string and thread would work too, but it can not be too thick.

chile pepper garland DIY
if you plan on your garland laying flat against a wall or some other surface, make sure to poke the needle through the skinny end of the pepper.  then add a knot to the end of the of your string when finished.

this is almost too simple for a DIY post.  but here you have it anyway.  a little reminder to think outside the box perhaps.

chile pepper garland DIY
i have taped a small string to my mantle for some southwest fall flavor.  i plan on also adding some to our dining room chalkboard and even the front door wreath.  (pictures to come.)  with a little tweaking, these garlands might just carry over through the winter too.

and wouldn't this make for easy party decor?

chile pepper garland DIY


Mary_Krause said...

LOVE it!
i seriously thought of you when i was at the market tonight and they had bags of chili peppers! :)

Leslie @ top of the page said...

Annalea, through instagram and here, I've loved seeing the many little ways you've been embracing the move and the change of scenery. You are inspiring. It seems like a move is on the horizon for us, and I feel really encouraged seeing how you're assimilating and enjoying a new place. Thanks for that. Ive never lived outside of southern California, so it's tempting to feel nervous about how I may fare elsewhere, but I'm also excited to see what God has in store. Just know that your visuals and the way you've been exploring the new state with the kids has been a blessing and a positive example for me lately.

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