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my handsome handyman

excuse the quiet - or perhaps enjoy it? - while we finish unpacking the final boxes and setting up house.  i am determined to find a place for all the things.  i pared down my craft stash by more than half before leaving illinois, but our rental casita is still much smaller.  our bedroom is doubling as our tv area, tripling as my office, and quadrupling as my studio.  so yes, there have been major donations to goodwill.

i would love to say i have had a good attitude about all of it.  i know it is just stuff.  but i am emotionally clinging to these things, like trying to fill the gaping hole our old life left.  there is soul-work happening and the grip on my heart is loosening day by day.  my prayer is for a clearer focus.  He is all i need.  and no thing or place or person will satisfy.

"what do you think you deserve?  to what do you feel entitled?"
these are the questions i ask myself when the emotions spin out of control.  the answer is nothing - or more accurately - condemnation and death.  let she who is without sin answer that differently.

that usually clears up my ungrateful and moody spirit.

we have so much.  we have Life!  instead of seeing what i don't have anymore, i need to remember all that i have been given without merit.  not because i am a better person than the next.  goodness no.  but my life (and all that is in it) is not mine to hoard.  i am to use it for the glory of Him who freely gives.  He who gave it all.

seriously, friends.
are you with me?

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mandie said...

"what do you think you deserve? to what do you feel entitled?"

Oh, I am SO with you. Having hissy-fits over phones, kitchens, sewing spaces (or lack, thereof), etc. This home and heart stuff is serious business. Do you know my friend Ellen of Sweetwater blog? She's writing this month on 31 days of learning to abide & love where you live and it's been convicting and comforting all at once.

Peggy Witter said...

Amen is all I can say at this point...

Heather Hamilton said...

I feel the same as Peggy- AMEN!
I pray the process becomes easier with each minute of the day.

marty said...

I have come to realize that uncluttered surroundings usually lead to uncluttered thinking for me. It's hard to give up stuff and what we think it represents but less truly is more isn't it?

Taylor said...

so, so true. i adore this blog and am so encouraged by what you have to say. thanks for being honest and writing about things we all think about and need to hear. :)

annaleahart said...

serious business, indeed. thanks for the recommendation to catch up with ellen. her series is good stuff.

annaleahart said...


annaleahart said...

thanks, friend. xoxo

annaleahart said...

uncluttered surroundings ---> uncluttered thinking. yes! thank you for the reminder.

annaleahart said...

oh thank you, taylor. xoxo

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