odds and ends

my new favorite wall
  • fall brings out my urge to nest.  (every year.)  so does living in a new house.  this combination has me spending my in-between moments staring at walls and rearranging shelves.  i should finish unpacking.  but this is soul food.
  • i will be filling up on soul food this weekend.  and actual yummy food from the state fair.
  • above is my new favorite wall.  fruit botanicals and polka dot washi tape?  yes and thank you.
  • enzo now does this cute thing where he asks, "dis name?" everytime he wants to know what something is called.  love it.
  • which is a good thing, because his dennis the menace act is in full force.  oh we are feeling the effects of no formal occupational therapy for the last 9 weeks.  i'm pretty good, but definitely not a professional.  
  • i recently read through this seriesthis post just made so much sense to me.  luca hasn't found his translators here yet.  this makes things like attending sunday school at church and hiring a babysitter near impossible.  with time, i remind myself, with time. . .
  •  this is a fantabulous time of year to live in new mexico.  the smell of roasting green chiles greets you all over.  the mornings are crisp and bright, begging for big sweaters and hot chai.  but layers are a must because it heats up and bakes the ground each afternoon, calling for sundresses and sweet tea.  and the hot air balloons!
  • i am 33 years old,ve been married for 12 years, and have been a mama for 8, but buying new pots and pans made me feel very grown up this week.  my grandma will be so proud that we are rid of the junky mismatched and dented collection.  
  • when on the plane back from our recon mission in june, my requests for moving here were new cookware and cowboy boots.  the carrots to be dangled in front of me when i was near exhaustion from the craziness.  i am still waiting on the cowboy boots, jesse.
  • did you catch my monthly contributor post at beautifully rooted?  how about ruth's?  He is working all things out.
  • don't forget the shabby apple giveaway open until sunday night.
  • tonight is pizza-movie night at casita hart.  yay for a nice end to a long week.  and for star wars.  and black olives.
happy weekending, friends.


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