my new mexican ballerina

new mexican ballerina

 the girlie has started a ballet class and we snapped some quick backyard pics with jesse's iphone so she could show off her new look.  i think she may be the cutest thing ever in those boots and that jacket.  gia's only request about moving here was to get a new pair of cowboy boots.  her pink ones were the most well worn footwear a couple years back and i was happy to oblige this small request.  i have to say her motivation was to avoid scorpions and snakes, which is a valid concern in new mexico.  maybe not in our backyard though.

true story: the jacket is a 3T that she is now wearing for her 4th fall.  the sleeves are way too short, but nothing a few rolls can't fix.

and can we talk about that topknot?  it is seriously the envy of all messy buns.

she has the best topknot

 here are a few things j'adore about my gia-bee right now. . .

the way she says "oh dear" every time she is concerned or upset.  simply adorable.
her desire to make new friends everywhere we go and her complete forgetfulness when it comes to their names.
how she holds the door open for each girl in ballet class because it is the "kind thing" to do.
her impromptu concerts and the fantastic songs she can make up on the spot.
 how she wears her shirts backwards so they look good when she pretends she is puppy.
her tea party invitations that surprise me throughout the day so i can join her for a cuppa.  lemon and honey is always provided.
her love of praying for our meals and her joy of family time.

oh these days pass so quickly. . .


Lora said...

she is totally adorable. and my ruth says "oh dear", too. cutest thing ever!

Stephanie Lockwood said...

what a sweet sweet post and even sweeter daughter!

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