homeschooling and mental health days


so remember when we started the new homeschool school year just last week?

only 7 days down, but it has been so so good.  seriously good.

but like my wise beyond his years 7yo said to me last spring, "good does not mean easy or fun."
this year i am almost doubling my workload as mama-teacher, since formally beginning gia on both math and language arts.  from breakfast to lunch, i am on duty.  there are a few short breaks, but really those are for laundry or dishes or praying-for-patience-for-the-next-lesson.  almost none of their work is independent yet and enzo is always around to provide distractions entertainment.  i basically don't stop for hours.

can you picture it?

i am tired.
it is good, but i am tired.

then there is the unpacking and house settling in still to be finished.  everything is still in disarray.  last night i went to bed feeling the weight of it all.  this morning, that weight has quadrupled and become 9 months pregnant. 

so today i cancelled lessons.

instead i tackled the boys' room.  trying to find a place for everything.  deciding what to get rid of or pack away.  hanging art on the walls.  relocating to new bins since the old system did not work in this house.  washing bed linens and vacuuming.  once the shelves and mirror go up tonight, it will be done.  completely done.  let's do a little dance to celebrate.

i feel like a new woman.  all i needed was a short break and something to see to completion - my kind of mental health day.  we'll probably do school work on saturday to stay on track.  totally worth it. 

(and yes, the kids ran free, ate dry cereal multiple times, watched too much pbs on netflix, and made a mess of the rest of the house.  totally worth it.)

and then i baked a cake.  out of a box, yes.  but in a bundt pan to make it fancy.

off to enjoy the rest of our day off!


Mary_Krause said...

sanity is so important.
sometimes it just has to be done.
the absolute beauty of homeschooling!
yeah! for mama sanity!

Erin Lutz Adams said...

teacher's in service day. Re-group & find your sanity. :) SWEET!

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