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 I get regular inquiries as to what curriculum we are using in our homeschool, so here is a little summary of the what, why and how here at Casita Hart.  This is our third year of formal lessons and I feel like we have finally figured out what works for us.
At least for this year.

cursive first and SWR
SWR is "a unique multi-sensory phonics program where students spell their way into writing and reading" that came highly recommended by fellow homeschoolers.  I attended a 2 day training last April to become more familiar with the program and learn how to implement it in our home.  From what I learned then and our personal experience so far, I think it is the neatest thing out there for teaching reading, writing, and spelling.  We are starting at the beginning with phonogram instruction and List A.

We are also using Cursive First to compliment SWR. 

saxon math manipulatives
Grade 2 - Luca and Grade 1 - Gia
This is our 3rd year of Saxon and I really like it.  As with all programs, there are times you have to tailor it for your unique child, but all in all the lessons work well for us.  I  appreciate how thorough the teacher's manual is  - a script is in place for me - and it is easy to follow when I am trying to teach but also need to keep an eye on a little one.  My kiddos love the morning meeting book activities.  The manipulatives are fun to use even when not working on a lesson and I often pull them out in the afternoon for free play.

cc timeline
See this post for more on why we love CC.

This program (Foundations Cycle 1) covers memory work in the following subjects:
World History: Empires, Peoples, and Countries
Timeline: Creation-Modern America
Science: Biology, Earth Science
English: Verbs and Prepositions
Latin: Noun Endings
Geography: Africa and the World
Math: Multiplication Tables, Conversions, Geometric Formulas, Algebraic Laws
Bible: Exodus 20 (10 Commandments)

During our weekly CC community day, we also cover:
Science: related experiments and projects (Biology and Earth SCience)
Art: Masters, Drawing
Music: Composers, Music Theory
Oral Presentations

Literature/Great Books
The Little House series 
I'd love to say that I am going to read aloud something substantial to the kiddos every day, but that is just not happening at this season in life.  So we have opted for starting with audiobooks that we will listen to together.  This way I can keep a closer eye on Enzo (aka dennis the menace) without too many disruptions for the older two.  We'll see if this choice changes as life does.

exploring our new home
And while these aren't what I would call formal homeschool lessons. . .

 Additional topics/programs/activities we will be exploring/using/participating in this year:
  • In order to get more acquainted with our new home, we will study local geography both on the state of New Mexico and the city of Albuquerque, mainly through field trips and hands-on projects.
  • We will be working through the Compassion International Homeschool Lesson Plans about two times a month and writing more consistently to our sponsored child.
  • We are looking for family oriented mission projects.  These can be difficult with special needs children, but volunteering and serving others is so important and we want to find ways to make this possible.
  • The Story of the World books and audio CDs are great for fleshing out the CC memory work, but I don't formally schedule them into our days nor do we use the workbooks.
  • We have a lot of Charlotte Mason leanings, which includes regular outdoor nature study through hiking, drawing, collecting, crafting, etc.
  • We practice many home/life skills through baking, cooking, car maintenance, gardening, sewing, etc.
  • Gia is enrolled in Ballet Level 1, Luca will soon begin Therapeutic Horseback Riding lessons, and we hope to add piano instruction this winter for both of them.

I did not mention it above, but we are rereading one chapter in the the Jesus Storybook Bible each morning.  We are not using the formal curriculum kit they have developed to accompany this book, but we have our own mini devotional and prayer time to start the day.

homeschooling books
I think that about covers it.  If you have any further questions, leave them in the comments for me to answer.  

Does any of this overlap with what you use at home?  Is anything I listed unknown to you?


Alicia said...

For some reason I can no longer comment on your blog on my computer. Just realized maybe my phone will work! I love all your picks. We love Saxon math too. Noah just switched to teaching textbooks this year because he needed to change things up a bit. Happy homeschooling mama!!

Georgia Dunn said...

Thank you so much for sharing your curriculum! My husband and I are expecting our first child in April, and we've been researching homeschooling. (Nothing like getting a head start, lol). I've followed your blog for sometime and find it really delightful, it was interesting to see how you put homeschooling to work through the year.

Jennifer Wiebe said...

Hi Annalea! I have a question about the SWR. I'm a licensed elementary teacher, and I teach ESL. I wondered about the writing part of the SWR - is it handwriting, or does it have activities for types of writing - persuasive, expository, etc. Thanks!

christy said...

Thanks for sharing! Love reading inputs on different curriculums. We switched up it big time this year all our previous years were a beka.

jckphoto said...

We use My Father's World curriculum which combines many of these things into one curriculum. We have used it for kindergarten and first grade and will start second grade soon. We really like it a lot. We also LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible. Another great one is The Gospel Story Bible.
I didn't know Compassion had Homeschool lessons now- that is super exciting! Thanks for sharing! :)

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