glimpses of our new casita

glimpses of the new casita 
our friends and family (and maybe some of you dear readers) have been patiently waiting for a look at our rental house.  and they (you) will have to be patient a bit longer while i continue to settle us in.  i do have a goal to be done in the next month or so, since this is a relatively short term home for our family.  i want to be able to to live in a finished state as long as possible.  

but i do have a few teasers to share today.

 glimpses of the new casita
glimpses of the new casita
glimpses of the new casita
glimpses of the new casita
glimpses of the new casita
it is coming along quite nicely.  i am enjoying the challenge of mixing my style with the southwest vibe.  some would say i had a southwest vibe of my own before this.  

(did i ever tell you that our newlywed kitchen was a complete chili pepper theme?  complete with a glass ristra and pepper lights.  yeah, it is not too much of a stretch to make things work out here.)  

the backyard might be my favorite place when complete.  we are working with the landlord to finish the xeriscaping and then will add some removable raised beds that we can bring with us when we leave.

and how about that peek of the dining room? the light?  the chalkboard?  the fruit botanicals? yes, yes, and yes.

the mantle has been the biggest challenge on the decorating front.  the shelves are narrow and slanted, making them nearly unusable.  i am liking the minimalist look here, but am not yet sold on this fall set up.  what do you think, friends?

glimpses of the new casita


Lora said...

love it all! esp the garlands over the fireplace. :) and the candleabra too. :)

Mary_Krause said...

i think it looks wonderful!
you definitely have a gift for decorating. :)
i love the simplicity of it all!

janiene said...


Laura said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful home! That fireplace is just amazing!!

cailan said...

I think you are amazing. Admire the way your embraced your new home and nested with such gusto. A new home can feel hard and overwhelming. You inspire me :)

Mandie said...

It looks great! :) I like the garland on the mantle.

Stephanus Sonata said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.
Steph @

Taylor said...

i LOVE your fireplace/mantle...absolutely adorable. and i think you've styled it perfectly!

Ellen said...

It is beautiful, Annalea! Thanks for sharing.

Question for you - I just bought some washi tape off Etsy because I wanted to use it on our walls, much like you have done here. I love the look of it! Problem is... it doesn't stick at all. Falls off very quickly. Do washi tapes vary in stickiness? Where do you get yours?

wood mantels said...

Very nice and beautiful!

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