be strong and take heart (free printable)

be strong and take heart

something inside my crafty soul has woken back up.  it went into hibernation over the last four months while i used my creative juices to help get our family through unemployment and house selling and cross country moving.  but it did feel as though i was missing a part of who i am by not making - creating - with my hands.  that is who i am.  a get-my-hands-messy creator made in the image of the original Creator.  

one product of this awakening is a bit of wall art i designed for the boys' room.  i wanted a Bible verse for them to remember and meditate on.  psalm 27:14 encourages us to wait on our Lord in times of distress.  He will give us courage and strength.  we just need to wait.  i hope to pray these words over my sons daily. . . a reminder for me as well.

be strong and take heart

and then i thought maybe some of you may like one of your own.  
download the be strong and take heart printable here.
and just for fun, i made it in red, yellow, and blue too.
so choose your favorite and get printing.

happy weekend, friends!

p.s. with the font used, i had best results printing this out fast quality.


nicole i said...

love it. bravo. welcome back creative one!

Mary_Krause said...

i love this!
and i know what you mean about sparks life in me. :)
so glad that the Lord has delivered you from that season and blessed you with a new one.
one of my favorite things is to hang or write(on chalkboard) Bible verses and favorite hymns all over our home.

meagan said...

i love this too! and its already printed it out and ready to hang- thank you! so glad you're settling.

meagan said...

oops accidentally clicked on the up/down arrow, then couldn't unclick it, have no idea what it means, but thought i should confess anyway! ha! :)

Jess said...

i love this, annalea! i'll definitely be printing it out for my boys' room. thanks for sharing. so glad to see you settling in so nicely to your new home! --jess

Elizabeth said...

LOVE this verse!! thanks so much ~ i'll be printing this out soon & putting in my children's room :0)

jckphoto said...

LOVE! Thank you so much for sharing! :)
The yellow version will soon be hanging in our living room!
go sign up for the giveaway on my blog please so I can maybe give something i made to you too!

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