something familiar

cc first day 12-13
cc first day 12-13
while the hart family homeschool year has not yet officially started (remember we just moved 10 days ago), yesterday began our first week of classical conversations here in albuquerque.  we will wait on adding in the rest of our studies for another week or two, but this mama-teacher was eager to meet the other families in our community.

  in a world of everything new, this is something familiar.

cc first day 12-13
cc first day 12-13
cc first day 12-13
for background, we have been part of cc for the past two years back in illinois.  it is an amazing classical christian homeschool curriculum all on its own that seeks to know God and make Him known. but much of the beauty of the program lies in the local community groups.  they provide encouragement and accountability throughout the homeschool year.  the children are offered the best parts of being a classroom - science experiments, a fine arts project, oral presentations, making friends - but they also come away knowing that there are other kids learning the same stuff.  there are other families singing timeline songs and memorizing the classification of living things.  people - even little people - like to belong.  

classical conversations helps our family feel part of something larger.

cc first day 12-13
last year i had the honor of directing my local classical conversations community group.  before the unexpected relocation to new mexico, i was planning on returning to that role this fall.  as i packed lunches and backpacks sunday night, my heart felt 1200+ miles away.  the folks back in champaign are so greatly missed by our family.  that is the price you pay for being in true community.  and i wouldn't have it any other way.  

so here is to a new city and a new group and a new year.  i'm praying that the relationships here rival those left.

cc first day 12-13
 although i still plan on taking proper first day photos we had a brief session yesterday morning before class.  sweet, silly, and spunky - pretty much sums up our little harts.

cc first day 12-13


nicole i said...

love the photos.
hey, do to your inspiration we joined CC too. yesterday was our first day...I was a bit nervous...but I can already tell that the community is going to be just what we need.

Mary_Krause said...

we don't have cc around here. :(
i would love to see what it's about.
the little harts are just adorable!!! :)
here's to a great school year!

Lora said...

you have the most beautiful children, annalea! i cannot BELIEVE how big your little girl has gotten! her hair is SO long! and she's grown so much. wow... time sure flies! praying for you today, lora

Mandie Segura said...

I'm so glad you guys have something familiar to start the year off with. :)

The Homespun Heart said...

SO glad you are able to get back into CC even with a new group! We started our first day of the CC year today! And, we're in a new to us group too - so feeling torn between old and new friends! Blessings! Monica

Alicia @ La Famille said...

i can comment!! i've been trying comment on your last several posts with no luck...anyway, can i just say i know just how you feel?? it gets better, girl. i hope you had a great first day.

Michele Earles said...

Tears...missing you guys and so happy for you to have found a CC group there. Prayers for the blessings of friendship and fellowship there :)

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