last day in this apartment

apartment living
today i am celebrating the successful hunt for a more permanent residence.  we move to our new rental house tomorrow!  just 3 weeks after signing the short term lease on this apartment, we are packing up and heading out once again.  thankfully this time we are just moving across the city, rather than across the country. 

 apartment living
i have been pretty miserable here.  most of it my own doing, considering i chose the bad attitude.  but all the same, after spending our first two nights as apartment dwellers staying at two different hotels due to a crazy intense carpenter ant infestation, saying things started off poorly is an understatement.  add to that, moving in to an unfinished unit that is not what you paid for, while listening to maintenance work for an entire week on the vacant unit above and you have one cranky me. 

 apartment living
about 98% of the boxes that made it into this place remain stacked up in the hallways, closets, and around my bed, so there is not too much prep needed to skedaddle on short notice.  it will all be worth it, when i can actually settle in and find our new daily rhythm.  man, have i missed that rhythm.

apartment living
apartment living
these photos are evidence (and my confession) that these kiddos have spent way too much time watching television this month.  oh to have a backyard again!  and indoor space for lego building, doll playing, costume wearing and a little room to stretch out.  can i get an amen?


mandie said...

I am so happy you guys will have a more suitable place to live!!!

Stephanie Lockwood said...

YAY! I am so happy for you guys! I can so relate to apartment living and temporary housing. Glad you found a rental you're excited about and get to have a back yard!

LyndsD @ Scripted Heart said...

Congrats!! So happy for you guys!! I know that search and yearning for a more permanent home... we too are in that state. You give me hope! Thank you!!

Mary @ Finding Healthy Hope said...

you will be up and running again in no time! :)
blessings to you...especially during this move.

Kristin Dillow said...

I am so happy you will be able to get settled soon. Oh how good that will feel. We miss you a ton, we will need to set up a skype date soon.

apartments in killeen tx said...

It's not easy to look for apartments, but hopefully you'll be able to find one that's at the very least near your dream home.

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