greetings from the high desert

 our new home
well, we made it.

three weeks ago today we left the known comfort of our midwest home.
it has been super hard. 
my tender hearted self wants the pain and sadness to ease up.
this new land of ours is beautiful.  but it is also so different.

throw in some curveballs about housing and health and parenting and i have been this close to hiding under my covers all day. 
these first albuquerque days have not been my most proud.

but what a blessing to actually know people here.
we have shared a few soul + belly feeding meals with friends new and old.
we are oh so slowly finding our high desert legs.
maybe i can start sharing about that here again?

thank you for the prayers and kindness, friends.


Lora said...

i've been thinking about you and praying for you, annalea. so sorry its been a rough transition. i will continue to lift you up!! hugs, lora

jckphoto said...

so happy to see you on here again! Been thinking about you and checking your blog. Sorry it has been so is sure to get better soon. :)

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