on the market

on the market

so, we're moving.
it's all official with this lockbox and that listing contract and those insanely clean closets. 
if you're all friendly with me on intagram, maybe you saw my plethora of #housestaging photos. 
(i'm @annaleahart over there.)

it was a looooooooooooong week.

i am actually typing this up at my parents' kitchen table, while we have the first and second showings on the house.
did i mention that it went on the market today?
i can barely catch my breath.

i can't announce the details of our relocation yet, mostly because those details are still working themselves out.  soon though, okay?

but i can tell you i am easing my way back in to this little blog.
so, see you tomorrow?


p.s. it may not be obvious in the above words, but i am both incredibly sad and hesitantly excited about all this change.


gracelaced said...

Be brave, friend! There is nothing more secure and wonderful than the goodness of God's will. Doesn't change the fact that the heart aches...for which I am praying.

Kojodesigns said...

Sweet friend, what a change. Excited for the way God's story will look in your life.

Mary_Krause said...

you worked so hard last week!
i can't imagine all that you did...except i kind of can because of IG.
everything looks beautiful.
change is horrifying and exciting all at the same time.
thank the Lord for His peace and guidance! :)

Aliciaahutchinson said...

oh girl!! you have so much going on!!! selling a house is ridiculous, but i've seen the pics of your hard work...you'll have no problem selling your house. can't wait to hear the deets!

Laura Robey said...

Your relocation journey will be used, like the rest of your life, to not only grow you but those around you. Thanks, as always, for sharing so honestly!

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