off the market

 off the market
i have almost no words.

except that big one written in red.


that one is very clearly embedded in my brain at the moment.

less than 24 hours after listing, while i was still sitting at my parent's dining room table, we got the news.
both a full price offer and a quick closing were more than we expected.

right now i need to shake off the shock.
and maybe a bit of seller's remorse, even if i know this is the right thing,
i am going to miss this place so much.

 thank you, God, for hearing our prayers and knowing our hearts.


Jenny Gilley said...

Beyond a Blessing you made that house a home and obviously people loved it!  Great Job!

Katie Campbell said...

That's amazing. So glad for you!!

annie_loo said...

Girl!  I know the feeling.  We had our house on the market for 10 days!  Just moved out into an apartment while our house is being built.'s all good.  BE THANKFUL!  With so many who are stuck in their house for whatever reason, you are not!  IT"S A BLESSING!!!!  It'll be sad to leave, for sure, but a new start is good!!!  CONGRATS!

Laura Robey said...

Thank you, God, for answered prayer. 

Erin H said...

"for I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a future and hope!". Jeremiah 29:11.

lora said...

God is so kind!! :) I'm not surprised at all that your house sold so quickly. It is such a beautiful home! And you can tell how much your heart you put into making it so lovely. I know that your next house will be wonderful, too! Anything you put your hands to do turns out so beautiful, annalea!!!

Aliciaahutchinson said...

so so amazing!!

Peggy said...

Annalea,  WOW!  Isn't God good!! Praying for you.... because I know all too well how moving can affect a family.  May you feel God's peace and comfort now and during the coming months.  :)

Cara Howard said...

Praise the LORD! He truly DOES know best!

nicole i said...

oh.  God is good.  I can't wait to see how this chapter of your life unfolds.

Heather Hamilton said...

God is so good.  It's literally all I can think of.
He's just SOOOOO good.
And you deserve this goodness, Annalea.
You and your family deserve every last drop of it.

meg said...

awww, i'm so glad it sold quickly- kinda like pulling off a band-aid fast. my sis who lived right around the corner from me sold her house within 24 hours too...and even though its SUPER sad that she (and you!) had to move at all, i'm so thankful it won't be drawn out. Praying for even more peace and unexpected excitement as you take the next steps. 

Erin Adams said...

Wow oh wow!  How could your house not sell at full price right away, though?  It is incredible.  I hope the new family loves it well.   

I shed some sad tears for you guys.  I know there is a lot of heart break in leaving the dearly loved.  I pray for you as you go forward to the unknown!

Suzie said...

I am soo super sad that you won't be around when I come back to campus =[  But I am excited for you guys as God leads you forward even though it is away from us!

jckphoto said...

wow! That is crazy fast! what a blessing to have that confirmation from the Lord and to also not have to endure tons of showings and craziness that sometimes comes with selling a house. Can't wait to see where the Lord leads your family. He always has a purpose. :)

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