new mexico bound

the land of enchantment
the land of enchantment
the land of enchantment
the land of enchantment

it is time for the hart clan to leave the midwest.
jesse accepted a job at the university of new mexico and we will soon call albuquerque home.
it is an excellent opportunity for our family.  i am so thankful this uncertain state of unemployment will only last 10 weeks.

but it is new mexico!
i am still in shock that we will soon be leading a high desert life.
the path is so unfamiliar, but we walk with One who leads the way to joy.

i would be lying if i said this was what i wanted.  although leaving was not my choice, i am wise enough to know that His choices are so much more beautiful.

but there is still the beginning of excitement.  it walks side by side with disappointment.
oh the adventures we will have in the southwest!

the land of enchantment
the land of enchantment
the land of enchantment
the land of enchantment
the land of enchantment
the land of enchantment
the land of enchantment
 have i mentioned we leave in ten days?!?!?!
i better get back to packing.

(all photos taken from the base of sandia peak during our albuquerque recon trip last month.)


wildolive said...

Can I just say, I am so sad that we never got to connect while you were so close to me? (Kicking myself...)

But I also have to say, my family has found that God works His plans in amazing ways. And sometimes there are things along the way we don't understand, but in time, we see that He had to put us through the unpleasant in order to get us where He wants us. I don't know what is coming for you, but I can tell it's big and important...because God has done so much for you in the last 10 weeks! 

Hugs to you all! (and maybe someday I'll have to visit NM...)

lora said...

oh my goodness! what an adventure! those photos are beautiful - the desert looks good on you! :) praying for you and your family during this new season. blessings! lora

Mary_Krause said...

ooooh!  i'll be praying for you on this new adventure.
you are so wise to trust Him!   
it has been humbling to watch the Lord answer your prayers and bless you in so many ways over the last few weeks.
He is so so good! 
happy trails!

Maritzav1 said...

Best of luck, to you and your family Annalea. Your pictures are beautiful as always and you are blessed to have such faith in the Lord! From my perspective, this all seems exciting, as I love new beginnings andI thrive in change. However, I know this is hard on you but I think you will be just fine. As long as you have your family and God, all is good. (((hugs)))

nicole i said...

you look beautiful. 
what i can't help thinking about is that you recently renamed your blog "hope and honey" and here you are with great hope heading into a new adventure...perhaps the land of milk and honey!! Wish i was closer to come help you pack!

Mandiesegura said...

I am SO super excited for myself that we get to be friends in real life. ;)

ozmabomb said...

wow!!!!  i love the outlook you have during this season in your life.  the midwest will miss you!  

Emily Morrice said...

mk. for starters, you're b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. those pics are so great of you and the hubs! secondly, i'm really inspired and spurred on by your heart of trust in incertainty and even disappointment. i'm learning in that area a whole lot and was thankful to read your post today. jesus is SO trustWORTHY but we are so fickle, forgetful, + prone to wander. thanks for the reminder to stay and trust <3

Peggy said...

OH my!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Albuquerque!!!  The balloon fest, shopping, the climate, the food, the wonderful church we worked with, the people, the food, sopapillas, green chile... I could go on and on!  And the university... 

I am just so excited for you!  If you would like any and I do mean ANY information, please, please contact me!  E-mail me.  We have very good friends here in Indiana who were born and raised out there.  We will definitely continue to pray for you during this transition!

Jessadvm said...

SO we will miss you in our upcoming trip to Champaign....but did I mention we have always wanted to visit New Mexico?!!  Best wishes on your move and the new adventure the Lord has for your family.

Jerusalem Greer said...

I am so excited for you! My sister LOVED NM and I am sure you will find your way and your path there as well. I am so excited for you and for this journey. I will pray for peace, quick packing and amazing friends to welcome you.

Kayla Campbell said...

I love your blog and I just wanted to wish you love and blessings on your upcoming move! I've lived in ABQ and there is so much to do and see there! Prayers with you all!

Erin Adams said...

Annalea - that top picture is proving that New Mexico was made for you.  You fit the landscape perfectly.  Beautiful!!  You are beautiful.
Praise God for the job!  He is good!
I have some friends who are in Albuquerque, who came from the midwest also.  I wonder if they work at the university, too.  I will ask them. 
I will pray for your move.  This cannot be easy!  

Lindsay Brandon-Smith said...

My heart is crying with you. . . to leave your beautiful home, your church. . . but none of it is really ours, is it? God bless you for your willingness to go where He leads. I have a feeling you will find Him in the desert too. Praying for you and yours and I'm excited to see what's in store.

Shannon said...

Annalea, I started following your blog via Ruth at Gracelaced...we went to college together at UNM. I know moving from a place and people you love will be hard, but know that this stranger (to you) is praying for your family's transition to Albuquerque. It's my birthplace and holds a special place in my heart :). My husband and two boys and I live in Colorado Springs, but my parents live in it is still home to me and I love it :). I pray you and your precious family will grow to love to place and people in NM as well. You will be a blessing there and will be blessed as well :). God's be with you!

Alicia @ La Famille said...

wow! even though it's going to be hard, i know you'll be blessed for listening. praying for you this morning, sweet thing. and be glad you're moving in 10 days...pull off the band-aid quick! don't draw it will be good. God's got good things in store for you.


Bobbi Battleson said...

Annalea, I know it has been so difficult and also so surprising this huge change in life.. I know it has been overwhelming at times.. From what we can see, you've handled it with such grace and poise.. I respect that so much. At least one hope I have for you.. that the fibro is easier out there.. who knows? My mom has had such relief during her visits out that way, I hope it's the same for you! My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this transition time!

Kimberly Dial said...

I love New Mexico!  As my grandmother used to say (every time we drove thru) .... "This truly is the land of enchantment" ... praying you find many blessings in this adventure!

Jckphoto said...

wow- New Mexico! I know it must be hard to leave but how exciting to go on this journey too! The photos are beautiful! I love to see God move in people's lives. I love the step of faith that it takes for changes such as these and I love to watch the unfolding of His plans for His children. Beautiful! ;)

megan@contentedsparrow said...

oh my.....i should have read this before commenting on your newer post!  new mexico!  so excited for you!  in your beautiful photos, you two look like you BELONG there, truly.  and, you know what? you DO belong there since that's where God is bringing you.  selfishly, i'm sad you won't be moving by me. :)  much love to you!

Emfrbu said...

i don't know how i ever stumbled onto your blog. but i enjoy it very much. our day-to-day lives are very different. however, other than our desire to follow jesus's call for our lives--here is another similiarity. 3 yrs ago my husband had a surprise lay-off. within 10 wks we had sold our home in the city where our daughters were born and we loved very much, bought a new home, and were living in a entirely different place. it was a very intense time for our family. in retrospect, looking back i don't even remember a lot of the details because there was so much change so fast (and at 33 i sometimes feel like change is getting harder as i get older). but we too felt a very strong sense of God taking care of us within a stressful time. i won't lie and say the first years after the move were easy. but hard is good. it brought us even closer together. it is part of our story. and we felt all along the way that we were being taken care of. blessings to you and your family! i look forward to seeing more.

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