moving week is here

the party garland came down
the party garland came down
the party garland came down

just a few more days in this special home of four years.
today is full of final therapy appointments for enzo, a day visit from a couple old + dear friends, plus an evening of goodbyes with those near and far.  plus more packing.  still more packing.

it felt very official once the party garland came down.
that happy gal has been hanging almost our entire stay.
oh what a neat memory.


Sheila said...

Blessings, prayers and new doors to you!  I can't wait to see the new Southwest adventures ahead of you!

Kaylee said...

Your school room is so cool. It's sad to see it all come down, but I'm looking forward to seeing your new space!

Alicia @ La Famille said...

and the adventure continues!! you'll hang that sweet banner in your new home :)

meg said...

oh! seeing that banner down is so sad! praying for calm, peaceful last days! 

Fairlight Kloxin said...

Dear Miss Annalea, I haven't been blog hopping since your 10 on 10 post in May because our June and July have been a whirlwind of activity, so I have missed your posts of your life changes and am only catching up this afternoon. What a time of faith and growth. I pray that you continue to see God's favor every step of this move and that He brings comfort to your heart and joy to your days. Be safe as you travel! Blessings!

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