froyo with ruth

it has been a hard week.  saying goodbyes are not my favorite.  they pretty much stink.  and packing nearly non-stop, meaning spending too little time with my sweet babes, has all of us in this house a bit cranky.  i wake each morning briefly wishing this would all be a dream.  but the reality is we are moving.  and that is that.

so what does all of my above rant have to do with this super cute photo?  well, it reminds of the provision of community that awaits in our new-to-be city.  during our trip to albuquerque last month, i had the great joy of not only meeting a dear blog friend, but staying at her home for two days.  what a gift it was!  i'd go as far as saying it is one of the sweetest blessings to have come out of this blog.  i would never have guessed that our online relationship would one day be so real life.  thank you Father for knowing our future when it is not even able to be guessed by our limited human brains.

ruth, i am SO glad to be your sister in Christ.


gracelaced said...

Oh goodness. I'm honored and overwhelmed at how the Lord has chosen to write our family into the fabric of the Hart story. A cherished blessing indeed.

Sayra NM said...

Welcome to Burque, Hart Family!  I began following your blog through Ruth and have enjoyed your inspiration. Prayers coming your way and hope to meet you when you're here.  

nicole i said...

what a blessing.

Shannon Hamm said...

There is a verse in the Bible, to which I can't remember the reference right now, about how God places the lonely in families...praising God with you that He has already provided the beginning of community for you in Albuquerque! What a treasure!

amy grebe said...

Ruth is a FABULOUS friend to have :) Hope to meet you when you make the big move!  This town is pretty fun.  I mean, we have a DQ and stuff.  (jk). :)

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