and then they were white (part 2)

dining room :: july 2012
dining room :: july 2012
dining room :: july 2012
dining room :: july 2012
dining room :: july 2012
dining room :: july 2012
dining room :: july 2012

you can find part one here.

it is weird to look at these photos while sitting amidst cardboard towers and shade-less lamps.  
things can change so quickly.

i just LOVE that wall o' zinnias so much, it may not come down until next wednesday night.

i almost regret that we didn't paint the walls white earlier.
but then i remember that life didn't allow for it any earlier, so i will just be thankful i had these months to enjoy them.

you asked, i answer. . .

the white wall color is glass of milk by martha stewart for home depot.
(inspiration via anna maria horner and her gorgeous studio, as well as the lovely rebekka seale.)

we will not be taking the beloved door knocker.  
she came with this house and she is at home here.  we will miss her though.

any other questions?  i just might have answers.


Kayla Byers said...

I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and have to say that I love your honesty and courage. You, my dear, are brave. And your love of the Lord shines through it all.
Blessings as you embark on this next journey!


nicole i said...

i love the white walls...i am thinking of doing the same. hmm.

Alicia @ La Famille said...

love white walls! love them! and allllll my trim, doors, and ceilings in my old house were "glass of milk." good ol' martha :)

Mary_Krause said...

thanks for sharing.
everything looks so beautiful. :)

Emily @ said...

I am loving your house pictures this week. Congrats on your new adventure and it looks like you are leaving such a lovely home behind. I love how colorful, simple, and uncluttered everything is (not sure if that's how it normally is or because everything is packed?) but it's refreshing! LOVE that teal hutch!

Ann Kroeker said...

Beautiful home...but won't you have fun figuring out how to blend Midwest with Southwest? Hope your move goes smoothly and your new adventure will give plenty of opportunities for joy and learning!

Jckphoto said...

beautiful house, but all of your beautifully creative and personal touches are what make it that way. :) Your new house will quickly become a beautiful home too. ;)

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